Hackers are always out there, lurking on the internet waiting for the perfect moment to sweep in and take over someone's account, especially if that someone is as famous as Selena Gomez. Her Instagram account was hacked early Tuesday and her 125 million followers (the most followers out of any Instagram user) were treated to some very Not Safe For Work pictures of her famous ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

That's right. Someone hacked into Selena's account just to post pictures of poor Justin's naked bod. The pics themselves aren't new by any means. They're actually photos that spread online back in 2015 while Justin was on a vacation with beauty blogger and model Jayde Pierce in Bora Bora. The pictures were taken after Justin stripped down for a swim in the pool, but it's not his breaststroke that got everyone in a tizzy and sparked the hashtag #WhatDoYouPeen, a clever play on the singer's hit song, "What Do You Mean." Now the photos are receiving new life and fresh circulation and the internet is definitely taking notice.

Some people are upset about the leak and the clear invasion of privacy that both Selena and Justin are facing, though Justin, of course, is dealing with the brunt of the attention. This has to be especially hard on Justin, who recently canceled his world tour and has been on a spiritual, soul searching journey as of late. An incident like this is probably the very last thing he needs, and some people online seem to be very sensitive towards that. Plus, it's not exactly like Selena, who is currently dating singer The Weeknd, really needs to get deeply involved in her ex's life, especially in this way.

Other people are just enjoying this leak for what it is: a Hollywood spectacle that won't come around too often. It might be a bit of a guilty pleasure, but there's just something about celebrities that just attract people, especially when their secrets are exposed.

Still others seem like their minds are blown just from the sheer unlikeliness of what just happened. After all, it's not every day that the most followed account on Instagram gets hacked, and even less likely that the hack would involve nude pictures of another celebrity.

After the photos were published on Selena's Instagram, her account briefly went offline and when it came back, the photos were gone, so the issue seems to be fixed for now. Only one thing is for sure - Justin Bieber's actually packing a little heat, if you know what we mean. We're definitely not going to share the pics, but he's got nothing to be ashamed about.

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