The Real Housewives of various places know how to bring the drama, but this particular drama is seriously ridiculous. Brandi Glanville, of Beverly Hills, and Joanna Krupa of Miami recently had a very public feud about a very private part. Joanna was not amused by the rumors Brandi was spreading about the way her kitty cat smelled, so she took her to court over the matter. There's no word yet on what the verdict was, but we can make a guess, especially since Brandi publically apologized for her role in spreading those rumors.

It all started when Brandi began spreading rumors about Joanna's lady bits while making a guest appearance on Andy Cohen's show, Watch What Happens Live! Brandi isn't exactly known for keeping her mouth closed, but this is still quite the accusation, especially the way she presented it. She asked Andy about the last time she saw Joanna, asking, "Did you get food poisoning? From bad sushi that night?"

She then went on to not-so gently imply that Joanna was the reason why Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid's marriage failed. She actually called Joanna a "homewrecker." She didn't have all bad things to say about her fellow Housewife, though. She said Joanna is "stunning." Then she continued, "You can't help the odor situation."

While we might have been appreciative of all the high quality drama and mud-slinging, Joanna was NOT amused. During an Access Hollywood interview, she brought up the rumors, without prompting, we might add. "...she was saying my junk stinks and all this stuff. That's what she said. I don't know what this woman has against me." She then asked hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, "Do you smell anything?" She also dismissed the rumors of her involvement with the Hadid divorce, saying, "I never hooked up with [Mohamed]. I never broke up a marriage. I had a boyfriend at the time that I met him, let's put it that way. And he was separated from Yolanda. So I'm not a homewrecker, that's for sure." Basically, she was just calling Brandi a liar. No wonder she figured this matter was better off being handled in court.

Though this drama now looks like it's all finished and done with, there's still a chance of future feuds between these battling blondes. There are rumors swirling that Joanna is considering moving from Miami to Beverly Hills. She dismissed those rumors, telling Access Hollywood, "I do have some friends that are on the show. I guess the press has seen me do lunches, go to dinner with the girls, some events, and they put me and them together. I guess that's what they would like to happen, but it's just a rumor." Even though she's got quite the setup on RHOM, we've got to admit that we'd love to see her and Brandi work out their differences on screen. You know, in the interest of moving past old fights and making new friends. All thing Real Housewives are good at. Meanwhile, we'll still be over her, savoring this drama like--

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