The Kardashians are probably best known for their figures, so of course they go to the extreme in order to keep their bodies in tip-top shape. Their workouts and diets are the stuff of legend, yet the oldest sister of the Kardashian clan, Kourtney, probably has the most, as her sister Khloe says, "cray" diet of them all.

She usually avoids gluten, sugars, red meat, and dairy, but when she's detoxing, things get even more insane. She recently revealed her detox diet on her app, Kourt, and it's easily the craziest diet we've ever heard of. But it's her thing and she's sticking to it.

First of all, the list of what she can't eat is probably longer than what she can. She eats only a "minimal amount of fruit" and avoids carbs at all costs. Grains, legumes, and beans are all on the "no-no" list as well. Yet that's just the tip of the iceberg. During her detox, Kourtney usually picks one day a week to fast. On those days, the only thing she has to eat is water and bone broth. Sounds...yummy? During that time, Kourtney says that she "tries to stay busy" and does everything in her power to avoid stepping foot in the kitchen to resist temptation. Is it even worth it in the end?

Compared to that, the rest of the detox diet is actually pretty tame. On the days that she DOES eat, Kourtney sticks to avocado pudding for breakfast and treats herself to some proteins, usually fish or chicken, and cauliflower rice or broccoli for lunch and dinner. Mmm, quite the feast!

It's not just what she eats, but when she eats that's important, though. She has a rule that she has to wait 14-16 hours between eating dinner and eating breakfast. That means a late dinner or early breakfast can mess up her whole eating schedule. We wonder if she just eats dinner at 4 pm like some sort of granny in order to keep things straight.

To be fair, it's not like Kourtney is pushing this diet on anyone else. She's acknowledged that if someone wants to follow her admittedly extreme regime, they should make sure to consult their physician first. Still...that's a truly bonkers way to live your life.

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