When you pit reality star against reality star, things are bound to get messy. When news broke that Rob Kardashian was moving on from ex-fiancée/baby mama Blac Chyna to Meghan James of Bad Girls Club fame, some in the gossip mill called BS. And they were right! After learning of the rumors, Rob himself tweeted out that he'd never even heard of her, despite what some anonymous sources told the press. Now that the rumor's been proved false and put to bed, the witch hunt for whoever started this fake relationship is underway. All clues point to Mehgan, but she has an interesting theory about who may have been behind it all. She took to Twitter to defend her name, but it might be too little too late for the reality star.

Though both sides have denied being behind the rumor, between the two of them, Mehgan has much more to gain from the rumors than Rob. Since she's the least famous of the two, some have suggested that she may have tried to push her way to greater fame by using the Kardashian name as a stepping stone. TMZ even ran a story claiming that it was a member of Mehgan's team that contacted the press with the rumor in the first place. "Our sources say Mehgan's 'team' contacted a bunch of media outlets planting the story. We're told her goal was SOP ... spread her name, grow her following." TMZ went on to report that Mehgan's Instagram follower count doubled in the week after the rumor began.

Mehgan apparently didn't like media outlets doubting her honesty and went on a long, now deleted, rant on Instagram, in which she not so subtly implied that it may have been the Kardashians themselves behind the rumors. "Like I said in a previous post," she wrote, "I'm just 'Mehgan something' that most of you never even heard of!!! So how would I have the power to MAKE UP A BS STOTY [sic] and get media outlets to RUN IT?? How sway? We all know WHAT FAMILY HAS THE MEDIA ON THEIR PAY ROLL...and it's not mine." Whoa, now. That's some pretty direct accusations. Let's be real, the Kardashians aren't above using petty scandals to keep their name in the news. When Kim Kardashian's first married to Kris Humphries, it was billed as a huge TV event...but the marriage only lasted 72 days. We have our own theory that the only reason Scott Disick was kept in the Kardashian clan for so long was because he was a source of steady drama, but that's another story. Still, it's a bold claim from Mehgan and only time will tell if she's telling the truth.

Rumors of the relationship began swirling around on May 31st. An unnamed source reported to InTouch Weekly that Mehgan and Rob had been close friends for the last three months and that she had been instrumental in helping Rob get over Chyna. The source even went as far as claiming that the rest of the Kardashian family was unsupportive of the union. Even if it was true that the Kardashians didn't approve of the new lady-love in Rob's life, it turns out they had nothing to worry about the whole time. Nothing actually happened and it was all just #fakenews. The next day, Rob tweeted, "Wait reading online about some chick I'm dating Megan something. Not true never even met her or heard of her before," which put those rumors to bed quickly. For her part, Mehgan retweeted Rob's message, but some still think that she had a hand in it's spread.

Regardless of who started the rumor, the fallout from it has been juicy AF and we're not ashamed to say that we've been enjoying every minute of it. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Rob and Mehgan actually did end up together? That's one heck of a "meet-cute," for sure. Stranger things have happened in Kardashian Land. Let's just hope the Kardashians don't get in over their heads with this one. If they thought Blac Chyna was wild, they're in for a world of surprise when Mehgan starts throwing hands.

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