12 of the Least Famous Musicians in Famous Bands

You love the band, but you probably can't name all of the members. The "awkward third wheel" slot has become usual in many bands and groups, as other members shoot to solo fame and leave others behind.
  • Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child)

    Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child)

    The most obvious choice for this list, Michelle has come to be seen as the prime example of an unsuccessful third wheel. After the girl group broke up, Kelly Rowland went on to become an R&B superstar and Beyoncé went on to basically take over the world, but poor Michelle was left in the shadows.

  • Everyone but Adam Levine (Maroon 5)

    Everyone but Adam Levine (Maroon 5)

    It’s basically just Maroon 1. The world is well aware of lead singer Adam Levine, who has become a judge on “The Voice,” been named one of the world’s sexiest men, and dated high-profile supermodels, but apparently there are four other members in the successful pop group! (We were shocked too).

  • Everyone but Chris Martin (Coldplay)

    Everyone but Chris Martin (Coldplay)

    Much like Adam Levine, Martin became a celebrity in his own right, marrying and recently separating from Gwyneth Paltrow, leaving his bandmates in the same nameless no-man’s-land as the Maroon 4.

  • apl.de.ap and Taboo (Black Eyed Peas)

    apl.de.ap and Taboo (Black Eyed Peas)

    You know those two weird guys jumping around with Fergie and will.i.am in Black Eyed Peas music videos? Yeah, apparently they aren’t background dancer or anything; they are actually Peas themselves. As Fergie gets most of the singing parts and will.i.am gets most of the raps, Taboo and apl.de.ap never gained the same notoriety from their occasional verses and hyping.

  • Everyone but Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)

    Everyone but Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)

    When you think of Fall Out Boy, you think of Pete Wentz, the bassist who became the face of the band and had a slew of high-profile celebrity relationships. Maybe you can picture Patrick Stump, the lead singer who kind of looks like Ed Sheeran’s emo uncle, but then again maybe not. The only thing Stump and other two boys have fallen out of is the limelight.

  • Pras (The Fugees)

    Pras (The Fugees)

    Pras was the Michelle Williams before Michelle was. Lauryn Hill rose to icon status when she went solo, and Wyclef Jean won multiple award for his rapping and songwriting on his own, but Pras just disappeared after The Fugees were done.

  • Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys)

    Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys)

    While no Backstreet Boys member ever went on to the levels of stardom of the members of their “rival” boyband, ‘N Sync, the least famous is probably Howie. Brian, Nick, A.J., and Kevin went on to release solo projects and remain some celebrity status, but Howie’s tame personal life quickly became a bore for the public.

  • Chris Kirkpatrick ('N Sync)

    Chris Kirkpatrick ('N Sync)

    The third wheel (or fifth wheel) for ‘N Sync is much easier to pinpoint that it is for the Backstreet Boys. Justin Timberlake is a worldwide superstar, Joey Fatone is known for his several television appearances, JC Chasez has made a name for himself as a songwriter and producer, and Lance Bass made waves in the media for coming out of the closet. This leaves Chris Kirkpatrick out in the cold.

  • Mel C./Sporty Spice (Spice Girls)

    Mel C./Sporty Spice (Spice Girls)

    Posh married a soccer phenom and became a mega-watt celeb, Ginger was always the leader and face of the group, Scary was all over tabloids for giving birth to Eddie Murphy’s baby, Baby has become somewhat of a star in her own right in the UK, but poor Sporty will always be “the fifth Spice Girl”.

  • Krist Novoselic (Nirvana)

    Krist Novoselic (Nirvana)

    Kurt Cobain is a grunge god and Dave Grohl is still a star as the frontman for Foo Fighters. With two music megastars as bandmates, it’s hard to blame bassist Krist Novoselic for never garnering the same fame as Cobain and Grohl.

  • Chilli (TLC)

    Chilli (TLC)

    The “sexy” of the “CrazySexyCool” trio, although Chilli sang most the hooks to songs we all know and love, she is also the least remembered. Rapper Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes is remembered today for her ahead-of-her-time musicianship and untimely death, and T-Boz stood out for her signature hairstyle and her strength in facing sickle-cell anemia.

  • Danielle Haim (Haim)

    Danielle Haim (Haim)

    Alternative girl group Haim, made up of three sisters that turned their surname into the band’s name, shot up the charts just recently, and it seems like lead singer Danielle is the one fans are least clamoring for. While Este and Alana have gained fan favorite status for each of their wild and unfiltered tweets, middle child Danielle has forgone the social media craze for whatever reason.

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