10 Celeb Pets So Famous They're Celebs Themselves

  • 10 Celeb Pets So Famous They're Celebs Themselves

    10 Celeb Pets So Famous They're Celebs Themselves
    Sometimes fame comes without saying a word. It must be nice to live the life of some of these pets.
  • Bo Obama

    Bo Obama
    Referred to as the First Dog, Bo Obama is the pet dog of the first family of the United States. Bo is a Portuguese water dog that was given to the president's family as a gift from Senator Kennedy. The dog has access to the White House, including the Oval Office.
  • Bit Bit Spears

    Bit Bit Spears
    The controversial pop star owns a Chihuahua that she regularly walks around with. It was rumored that Britney’s husband was trying to get rid of the pet since he thought the dog may be jealous of the attention given to their son and was getting aggressive.
  • Jack Carey

    Jack Carey
    Mariah Carey has a total of five Jack Russell Terriers. The songstress spends $28,000 on grooming her dogs. The dogs have a full-time groomer and a chauffeur.
  • Jack Stewart

    Jack Stewart
    The "Twilight" actress just can't get enough of wolves from her screenplay. Kristin Stewart got a wolf-dog hybrid from her mother as a 24th birthday gift.
  • Purrfect Green

    Purrfect Green
    CeeLo Green's Persian cat is quite a celebrity. The cat was seen on "The Voice" and has amassed quite a big following on Twitter.
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  • Tinkerbelll Hilton

    Tinkerbelll Hilton
    This is a pet that boasts of a $325,000 dog house. The house is said to be a replica of Paris Hilton's mansion and has lighting, heat, air conditioning and even a mini closet. Thus, when Paris refers to Tinkerbell as her child, she really means it.
  • Bubbles Jackson

    Bubbles Jackson
    Bubbles is the late Michael Jackson's domesticated chimpanzee. The chimpanzee accompanied the pop star on his tours and helped in doing chores around the house. There are three porcelain sculptures of Michael and Bubbles, with one viewable at the L.A County Museum of Art.
  • Arthur John

    Arthur John
    This is one of the Cocker Spaniels owned by Elton John. The other Cocker Spaniels owned by the singer are Marilyn, Max and Isabella. They represent the names of his wife and daughters.
  • Flossie Barrymore

    Flossie Barrymore
    The Labrador was adopted by Drew Barrymore in 2001 after saving the star with her boyfriend from a house fire. The dog is said to have banged on the door of the celebrity's house when it caught fire.
  • The Queen of England's Corgis

    The Queen of England's Corgis
    Queen Elizabeth II was seen with five Corgis in 2007. The Corgis are well-known across the world as they are portrayed in statues and works of art.
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