13 "Full House" Secrets Revealed

  • 13 "Full House" Secrets Revealed

    13 "Full House" Secrets Revealed

    "Full House" aired for eight seasons and became one of the most popular family-friendly sitcoms of the 1980s and 1990s. From foul language to romance, fans might be surprised to learn some of what went on behind the scenes.

  • Two Shows, One Stage

    Two Shows, One Stage

    Great shows think alike.  Another classic from the 90's "Friends" used the same soundstage as "Full House."  It's no wonder why both the shows were such a great success!

  • Bob Saget

    Bob Saget

    Comedic actor Bob Saget became one of the faces of the show, but he almost did not get the job. The original actor chosen for the job was John Posey. He even filmed some scenes that never made it to the air. Before filming the pilot, the show's creator wanted Bob Saget or Paul Reiser to play Danny Tanner. Reiser took another job on the sitcom "My Two Dads" instead.

  • Two Stairways

    Two Stairways

    No television set is perfect, and the one for "Full House" is no different. Some noticed that the Tanner house had two stairways leading to the second floor, one in the kitchen and one in the living room. However, on the set for the second floor, there appeared to only be one stairway that led downstairs. No matter which stairway members of the cast used, they always ended up in the same spot upstairs.

  • Crying Babies

    Crying Babies

    By 2007, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were worth over $100 million, but if they had been a little more difficult when they were babies, they could have lost that fortune in the blink of an eye. Legend has it the twins got the role of "Michelle" because they were the only babies who auditioned and did not cry.

  • Hockey Love

    Hockey Love

    Dave Coulier is a huge hockey fan and even plays on a celebrity all-star team. His "Full House" character also shares his love for the sport. During one of those celebrity games, Coulier introduced hockey player Valeri Bure to his co-star, Candice Cameron. The two married in 1996.

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  • Beach Boys

    Beach Boys

    On the show, Uncle Jesse played in a band called Jesse and the Rippers. He is also a big fan of the Beach Boys. Actor John Stamos, who played Jesse on the show, is a huge Beach Boys fans and often plays the drums at their shows. The band even made a guest appearance on "Full House" in 1988.

  • No RSVP

    No RSVP

    There was not a full house for the 25-year anniversary reunion.  When the cast came back together in 2012, everyone attended except for the Olson twins.  They didn't even RSVP to the event.

  • Title and Premise Change

    Title and Premise Change

    Most people think of "Full House" as a heartwarming show about a unique and loving family, but that was not the original premise. The original idea focused on three stand-up comics living together in a house. The title was "House of Comics." Both Bob Saget and Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) worked as stand-up comedians when they were not acting.

  • San Francisco

    San Francisco

    The Tanner family lived in San Francisco at 1882 Girard Street, but as is the case in many television shows, the address is fictional. When the producers needed an outdoor shot of the home, they use a real house located at 1709 Broderick Street. Only one of the show's 192 episodes was actually filmed in San Francisco: "Comet's Excellent Adventure".

  • Doctor Saget

    Doctor Saget

    If young Bob Saget had his way, he never would have been a part of "Full House," or any other television show for that matter. Saget wanted to become a doctor instead. However, his high school English teacher told him he was too creative to waste his life in a medical field. He decided to switch gears and enrolled at Temple University's film school.

  • Aunt Becky

    Aunt Becky

    Lori Loughlin played Becky, bringing a feminine touch to the Tanner household. Originally, producers hired her for only six episodes. She started out as Danny Tanner's co-host on his television program, but the character was so popular that the producers made her a permanent fixture on the show.

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  • Funny House

    Funny House

    "Full House" was originally supposed to be about a group of comedians that lived under the same roof.  But when the creator heard ABC was looking for more of a family-oriented show he modified it.  Now it's the perfect amount of funny and cute.

  • Uncle Jesse

    Uncle Jesse

    Uncle Jesse was one of the most popular characters on the show, and he even became something of a pop culture phenomenon. If John Stamos had not stepped in, he could have been Uncle Adam. Stamos simply did not like the name. Jesse's last name also changed between the first and second seasons from Cochran to Katsopolis to reflect the actor's Greek heritage.

  • Foul Language

    Foul Language

    "Full House" is known for being a wholesome, family-friendly show, but the atmosphere was not always like that behind the scenes. A compilation of bloopers that took place during filming eventually found its way onto the Internet. Many of them involved various cast members cursing or using foul language.

  • Drunk Driver

    Drunk Driver

    The entire premise of the show is based on a guy whose wife dies in a car accident, leaving him to raise three young girls with his two best friends. The girls' late mother, Pamela, is often mentioned and even seen once in a home video. In a later season of the show, DJ briefly suggests that Pamela died because of a drunk driver.

  • Twin Differences

    Twin Differences

    As Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grew up, it became easier for fans to tell them apart. For example, Ashley is right-handed and has a small freckle over her mouth, while Mary-Kate is left-handed and has no freckle. At some point, the show's producer wanted to choose just one girl to play the role, but John Stamos would not allow it.

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