10 Awesome Facts About the Cast of “Orange Is the New Black”

  • 10 Awesome Facts About the Cast of “Orange Is the New Black”

    10 Awesome Facts About the Cast of “Orange Is the New Black”

    Orange Is the New Black exploded onto the scene, and soon the Netflix series was all that anyone could talk about. The lives of the various inmates and guards at an all-female prison provided delicious drama, and it was based on a true story! These behind-the-scenes tidbits spice up the show even more.

  • Twin Roles

    Twin Roles

    When it came to portraying transgendered inmate Sophia’s backstory before her operation, the character’s actual actress Laverne Cox was judged to be too feminine. Instead, Cox’s twin brother M. Lamar portrayed the pre-op man. The episode was directed by Jodie Foster.
  • To Boldly Go

    To Boldly Go

    Trekkies may recognize Red as Captain Kathryn Janeway from “Star Trek.” When Nicky laments that she once thought she was Red’s “Spock,” Red responds with confusion and is clearly oblivious to the “Star Wars” reference.
  • Musclehead Bennet

    Musclehead Bennet

    Matt McGorry, who plays corrections officer John Bennet, used to be a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer. He’s even a nationally ranked dead lifter and was named one of the hottest trainers in America! McGorry put his gym rat lifestyle to the side to pursue his acting career.
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  • Patty Behind Bars

    Patty Behind Bars

    The actress who plays Yoga Jones served is the voice of Patty Mayonnaise from the Nickelodeon classic “Doug.” It’s not a connection you can immediately notice, but once it’s pointed out, it’s easy to hear Patty’s distinctive voice in the yoga lover’s light by gravelly tones.
  • Broadway Dreams

    Broadway Dreams

    Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” certainly has a flair for the dramatic, as she is often singing, performing Shakespearean monologues, or writing poems, but she sadly has crippling stage fright. In reality, however, actress Uzo Aduba is a Broadway actress who has appeared in “Godspell.”
  • A Little Self-Promotion

    A Little Self-Promotion

    In the episode where Piper first meets Larry, she walks in on him watching “Weeds.” This is the other hit show created by “Orange Is the New Black” creator Jenji Kohan. A bunch of the “Orange Is the New Black” actors had appearances on “Weeds,” such as those who play Nicky, Mendez, and Sam Healy.
  • A Multi-Leveled Nickname

    A Multi-Leveled Nickname

    Most would assume that Red’s nickname comes from her characteristic hair, but it could also be a reference to “The Shawshank Redemption.” In the film, Red is a character known to get items for the prison inmates, which is something that the “Orange Is the New Black” character also does routinely.
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  • Famous Relative

    Famous Relative

    Pablo Schreiber plays the perverted corrections officer “Pornstache” Mendez, whom fans probably hate more than any other character. As you might guess from his last name, he is the brother of “X-Men” actor Liev Schreiber.
  • Pie References

    Pie References

    In the first episode, Jason Biggs’ character Larry references Biggs’ most notable movie role in “American Pie.” Larry is listing all of his past embarrassments that he has told Piper about, including “The webcam horror and the penis shaving incident.” Both of these reference memorable scenes Biggs was a part of in “American Pie.”
  • Touchdown


    Pennsatucky may be a God-obsessed meth head, but in reality, actress Taryn Manning is related to some pretty big names. She is cousins with Eli and Peyton Manning. She also had a starring role in Britney Spears’ 2002 movie “Crossroads.”
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